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Charleswood Capital Unveils Knightsbridge's Dynamic Leadership Team in 2023

Vancouver, August 24th - Knightsbridge Property Services is thrilled to introduce its leadership team for the year 2023. Committed to providing exceptional property management services, Knightsbridge continues to strengthen its foundation with the addition of passionate and skilled individuals to its management ranks.

Customer Success Manager - Victor

Victor, the dynamic Customer Success Manager at Knightsbridge, brings enthusiasm and expertise to his role. Victor's leadership has played a pivotal role in driving customer satisfaction to new heights.

Victor also shed light on Knightsbridge's commitment to customer satisfaction: "We have a few processes in place to make sure our customers are happy. First off, we make sure to set the right expectations from the beginning. We've got a systematic approach to providing quotes, and we keep all the client data and photos organized."

Operations Coordinator - Felipe

Felipe conducts comprehensive on-site assessments across various locations, engaging with a range of clients and appraising their specific property service needs. His primary areas of emphasis encompass safety, ergonomic considerations, productivity enhancement, and operational streamlining.

Team Supervisor/HR Manager - Eliott

Eliott takes the reins as Knightsbridge's Team Supervisor, having assumed the role in 2022. Eliott's extensive experience and dedication have been instrumental in guiding the team to success. His leadership style fosters an environment of collaboration and excellence, enhancing Knightsbridge's service delivery to clients and tenants alike. Eliott's commitment to the role has been evident through his exceptional contributions to the company's growth.

Team Supervisor / Equipment Manager / Safety Officer - Leo

Leo embodies a comprehensive approach to enhancing workplace well-being and operational efficiency. As a safety officer, Leo is dedicated to upholding the health, safety, and welfare of individuals within their assigned work environment. In the realm of property services and maintenance, Leo plays a pivotal role in identifying and mitigating potential hazards that could compromise the security of employees, visitors, or residents.

About Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge Property Services is a leading provider of full-service property cleaning solutions in the Lower Mainland with over 1000 recurring multi-residential and commercial properties. Partnering with over 30 property management firms and over 100 property managers, Knightsbridge prides itself on delivering top-tier services.

About Charleswood

Charleswood Capital is a private equity investment company based in Vancouver, BC Canada. It grew from an idea of community integration and engagement. Established in 2016, it excels in strengthening established local small to medium-sized private businesses (SMEs) with a system to facilitate founder transition, optimize operations, and foster sustained growth. Charleswood brings a value proposition of financial, strategic, and operational expertise to every investment opportunity.

For additional information, please contact:

Ken Wu

Managing Director, Charleswood Capital


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