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Charleswood Reflects on a Year of Challenges and Changes

From Ken Wu, Principal and Co-Founder

The start of a new decade, this has been a year defined by challenge and adaptation. Covid-19 threw an unprecedented curveball at 2020, and it is remarkable to see the socio-economic ripple effect that has extended into every corner of our lives.

In the M&A market, many funds are being held, as companies cautiously wait to see what comes next in the pandemic timeline before making their next moves. As we begin to turn the corner of the pandemic, we expect to see a wave of business owners looking to sell or retire early next year. For Charleswood, this presents many add-on acquisition opportunities, for several of which we are already in discussions. Further, a low-interest environment will continue to incentivize investment, providing low financing costs and high return.

With strategic planning in place, Charleswood saw real advantages in our industry investments this year, as our portfolio companies were well-positioned to thrive, even in these difficult circumstances. Property services, construction services, and employment training remain key areas of growth and investment in British Columbia, fulfilling essential living and professional demands in our communities.

For Charleswood, the year of 2021 is all about growth and expansion. We will continue to cultivate organic growth in our three portfolio companies and seek add-on acquisitions in relevant industries. As this year can attest to, there is great value in investing, re-investing, and growing here. We will also continue to foster internal growth within our existing team, to further enhance the talent and multidisciplinary expertise embedded in our value proposition.

We step forward into the new year with confidence and a strong belief in the resilience and heart of SMEs in local communities to weather this evolving storm.


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