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Charleswood Capital Invests in Vincent Helton & Associates

Vancouver, BC, April 11, 2019 — Charleswood Capital (“Charleswood”) is pleased to announce that it has recently made an investment in Vincent Helton & Associates (“Vincent Helton” or the “Company”).

Located in Delta, British Columbia, Vincent Helton is a leading architectural water feature design firm in the Pacific Northwest. The Company’s small multidisciplinary team has brought over thirty years of combined experience and expertise to over one thousand water feature projects across North America. The Company’s focus on quality, innovation, and longevity has helped promote strong and fruitful partnerships with respected architects, landscape architects, and developers over the past 36 years. Their excellent work has been recognized with several national and international awards.

“Vincent Helton has great potential to grow, especially into the United States Pacific Northwest,” said Ken Wu, principal of Charleswood Capital. “Their team has worked on many high-profile projects that carry a real lasting legacy for our cities and communities, and we see a unique value proposition here in investing in a company with a long vertical value chain, where there is a niche growing market. We are also excited about the prospective synergy with our existing investments, primarily in property maintenance.”

With this investment, Charleswood forms a partnership with the Company’s previous owner, who remains a stakeholder and an instrumental part of the Company’s design team. Vincent Helton is currently involved in several high-profile projects in the Lower Mainland, including the Oakridge and Richmond Centre redevelopments.

About Vincent Helton & Associates

Founded in 1983, Vincent Helton & Associates is an award-winning architectural water feature design firm in the Pacific Northwest. The Company has completed over one thousand water feature projects for commercial and residential developments, public parks, civic and institutional spaces, and academic and corporate campuses across North America. The Company is based in Delta, British Columbia.

About Charleswood Capital

Charleswood Capital is a Vancouver-based private equity firm in Western Canada with a mandate to strengthen established local small to medium-sized private businesses with a system to facilitate founder transition, optimize operation, and foster sustained growth.


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