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Charleswood Capital Acquires ProSafe First Aid Training School

first aid course

Vancouver, BC – February 29, 2020 – Charleswood Capital (“Charleswood”) is pleased to announce that it has recently closed the acquisition of ProSafe First Aid Training School (“ProSafe” or the “Company”). ProSafe is a leading employment training agency in British Columbia, with a catalogue of over fifty courses in first aid and workplace health and safety. ProSafe operates out of two campuses in Surrey and Abbotsford, with plans to expand further in the Lower Mainland.

The acquisition was facilitated by a strong partnership with the previous Company owner, who took on a consulting role during the transition, and both sides of the professional team collaborating to close the deal smoothly within a short period of time.

The Company’s growing base of diverse clientele and excellent local reputation were key factors in Charleswood’s decision to acquire. The team at Charleswood also has a vested interest in education and training, with partners Andrew Blazenko and Colin Lau having both previously held positions in education companies and institutions.

“We have always been interested in the education industry,” said Ken Wu, principal of Charleswood Capital. “Adult education is one of the fastest growing industries in Canada. In British Columbia, living costs are higher compared to the rest of the country, and people often look for a second or better paid job. As a result, we are interested in training schools that provide quick and cost-effective certification and better equip candidates with their resumes.”

This marks Charleswood’s third investment and falls under its mandate of strengthening established local small private businesses to optimize operation and foster sustained growth.

About ProSafe First Aid Training School

Founded in 1999, ProSafe First Aid Training School is a leading employment training agency in British Columbia. The Company offers a catalogue of over fifty in-person and online training courses in first aid, workplace safety, customer service, and industrial mobile equipment. ProSafe is headquartered in Surrey, with an additional campus in Abbotsford.

About Charleswood Capital

Charleswood Capital is a Vancouver-based private equity firm in Western Canada with a mandate to strengthen established local small to medium-sized private businesses with a system to facilitate founder transition, optimize operation, and foster sustained growth.


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